Valentine’s Day: How to Sweep Her (or Him) Off Their Feet

Its coming, and will be here before you know it. Some love it, some dread it, some forget it but we all go through it every year – that’s right its nearly Valentine’s Day.

So for you people who, like me are procrastinators, here are some last minute fantastic ideas that will make your other half think you have been planning this special day for months. 

First off let me start out by say that around 85 percent of all valentines are purchased by women. In addition to cards, there are millions of boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses purchased (mostly by men) for the February 14 holiday. But honestly, people, its so expected and hohum cheesy that it almost negates the whole thing. So don’t be lazy this Valentine’s day, try one of the below ideas out – believe me your will be thanking me later 😉

1. Go on a mini trip. Now i know its getting a little late to plan a huge trip, but you can always duck away for 1 night at a nice hotel, and its truly amazing how relaxed you get when your just away from your normal life and your to do list. Plan it for the weekend after the big day, and write a little hint about it in the sweet card you give them.

2. Make a mix tape. Well these days its more of an ipod playlist, but it still gets the message across. Take a little bit of time, and make sure to add that funny song that you guys did kareoke to, and that sweet song that you danced at your cousin’s wedding to. Then you can play it as you drink a glass of wine and sit out under the stars (or by the fire depending on where you live) and remember all your happy memories together. You can even use a website like to do it all from the comfort of your own desk.

3. Make a photo book, canvas print, or frame a great picture of you guys. This one goes along the same lines as the mix tape idea, it will remind you of all your happy memories together. 

4. Take them out for a really nice dinner. Again I know this one is a little bit cliche, but done right, it can be great. Don’t just do like they did on “Date Night” and go to the same old place and order the same old thing. Try out that fancy new tapas place where they have live music and salsa dancing, or make an opportunity to get dressed up really nice and go to a super posh place. If you live together, you can rekindle some of the pre sharing toothbrushes mystery by getting ready in different rooms/ bathrooms. This give you that anticipation and wow moment when you first catch sight of your love.

5. Plan a night in and make a complicated dinner together. Open a nice bottle of wine before you start and enjoy the challenge and teamwork required to stuff a quail. Giggling over your dual inability to be a masterchef might just bring you closer together. (Note: if one of you really is a master chef, this one might not work as they will probably just get annoyed at you for getting in the way and messing up their fancy dinner.)

6. Plan a different night in and get takeout. Light some candles and have a picnic on your living room floor. Put a slideshow of old pics of you guys on the tv as you eat and enjoy all the funny stories they bring to mind. Afterwards you can watch old home movies of your vacation, wedding day, or whatever else you have on video. Alternatively, there is the watch a romantic movie option while snuggling up under a blanket, which is always a classic.

7. Leave little love notes in places they will find them all day. For example, 1 in the shower, 1 in their lunchbox, 1 in their car. It will make for happy little surprise.

8. Get something delivered to their work. Whether its the classic flowers, or maybe a balloon bouquet, cookie basket, or even a singing telegram – its always nice to get something special at work and for women especially, its a great way to make all their coworkers jealous!

9. Write them a love poem, song, or letter. Things just seem so much more real when they are written down on paper in your own hand.

10. Do something totally unselfish for your significant other. Whether that means cleaning the house for her, or finally accepting that video game battle challenge for him – it means a lot to show that you pay attention to the little things they care about.

Whatever you end up doing this Valentine’s Day, just remember that a little thought goes a long way – things don’t have to be super expensive and elaborate, the important thing is that they know you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

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